Online Course

What's the challenge?

As a literacy leader in K-12 schools, you navigate overwhelming challenges that only intensify in the face of multiple crises—the global pandemic, racism, inequitable access to resources, economic instability, natural catastrophes, and more. You need tools to navigate whatever comes and resources to build resilience. Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) offers practical insights and tools to build and sustain resilient teaching and learning systems. We invite you to join K-12 literacy leaders across the country in a series of five Adaptive Action Labs that can do just that.

Each Adaptive Action Lab includes two 90-minute online sessions where participants focus on specific challenges from their own work. In these interactive sessions, we practice using HSD tools to address critical issues, exploring how, where, and when to apply them. We give and get feedback after applying these new tools in day-to-day work. Each Lab addresses a specific challenge.

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
Leslie Patterson, PhD, HSDP
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