Wednesday, March 8 – Friday, April 7, 2017

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Life in today's landscape is complex and challenging. So many forces influence our lives in ways we may not even recognize. So much diversity--in all areas of life--creates choices and opportunities, along with barriers and challenges. We stand at the crossroads of history and aspiration; memory and imagination; hope and reality. 

As a coach, whatever your field or focus, your role is to support your clients in navigating these turbulent times. You need ways to help them see the complexity without becoming overwhelmed, understand the patterns and their implications, and choose to act in ways that help them find the best fit for their lives. You need Human Systems Dynamics. 

Use Pattern Logic and Adaptive Action to understand the patterns you see in your clients' interactions and decision making. Use Pattern Logic and Adaptive Action to help them understand their own patterns. Help them build the skills they need to navigate the complexity in their lives, and set conditions for the work they want to do and the life they want to live. 

Join us online for engaging and informative learning about HSD and its applications in coaching and supporting others. The online classes are from 10am-12noon (Central Time), and start March 8-10, 2017, as we step into the foundations and basics of Adaptive Action Coaching. Then follow up from 10am-12noon (Central Time) on March 17, 24, 31, and April 7 to talk about your practice, gain feedback, and build skill in this unique, cutting-edge coaching model. The program also includes a copy of Adaptive Action Coaching Guide and 1 hour of individual coaching by one of the course instructors:

  • Royce Holladay has been working to support people navigate change for over 30 years. As a trained counselor, she began learning about the dynamics of personal change and has been using those skills in multiple areas of her work and personal life since that time. Her ability to make complex ideas simple and to help people find a path to effective and powerful Adaptive Action are key gifts she brings to those she serves.
  • Lecia Grossman became a certified professional coach through the Coaches Training Institute in 2004 and has been an HSD Associate since 2011. Lecia’s coaching practice has spanned both personal and executive coaching, encompassing primarily corporate and non-profit sectors. Her coaching practice is supported by her 25 years of leadership experience, her MA in Human Development and BA in Psychology. She is extremely passionate about leadership development for social innovation and has been described as a tenacious and motivating coach. Her mantra, “What would make it fun?” 

This course has been approved for 20 Core Competency hours and 3 Resource hours of Coach Continuing Education by the ICF.

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