Glenda Eoyang, founder of the field of HSD, hosts free, online Virtual Workshops (webinars) every month. Covering topics from health care to education reform to world peace, she draws on current events, global opportunities and concerns, and local actions. You will be invited to stand in inquiry about some of today’s most salient and intractable questions. Join us on the first Thursday of each month (except January and July) at 11:00am - 12:00pm (Central Time). Register, even if you cannot attend, and you will receive a link to the archive recording to view at your leisure.

Upcoming Live Virtual Workshops

Relieve Your Stress: The Creative Power of Tension

February 1, 2018

You leave work stressed out. You wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep. You dread Monday and can’t wait for Friday. Increased conflict, physical and mental health problems, difficulty with relationships, and low energy—all are signs of stress at dangerous levels. What can you do to help yourself and your team leverage the stress you feel into creative tension you can use?

HSD offers a perspective for re-energizing and mobilizing.

Real Work in Virtual Teams: Create the Context for Communication

March 1, 2018

You depend on videoconference, emails, texts, and other social media to connect with co-workers and clients. Sometimes you find ways to work together well. Other times you miss the mark. How can you accomplish anything when you work in different places?

HSD offers tools and ideas to help you set conditions for effective virtual team work that gets things done.

Quarterly Virtual Mini-Conference

March 15, 2018

Annual Meeting

Sipping from the Firehose: Manage Your Information Overload

April 5, 2018

You drown in data. Electronic sources are never-ending. Customer and performance information comes through in real time. Research, news, shifting regulations, and personal stories keep your inbox full to overflowing. You can’t hope to sort through it all. How can you separate the noise from the news and find information to fuel your next wise action?

HSD helps you manage your attention to focus on the differences that make a difference to you and your world.

Culture Change: Moment by Moment into the Future

May 3, 2018

Culture is complex, but culture change calls for simple action. You respond to questions, challenges, innovations, and ideas in ways that shape new patterns of thought and action. How can you learn this dance that lets you shift in the moment? How can you use cycles of inquiry and action to keep moving forward? 

HSD opens opportunities for culture change. Learn Adaptive Action to shape the cultural patterns you want.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Patterns, not Problems

June 7, 2018

Many people talk about diversity and inclusion. Too often those conversations don’t influence action in real life. What if you give up seeing “problems” of diversity? What if you learned to create “patterns” of inclusion?

Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic help you understand patterns of bias, so you can create generative patterns of engagement.

Quarterly Virtual Mini-Conference

June 21, 2018

Get Ready: Learning for the Future

August 2, 2018

Learning today is not about knowing all the answers. It’s about being an expert learner and inviting others to be expert learners, too. Parents help children navigate their world. Managers and executives supervise workers. Community leaders invite neighbors to work together. Experienced workers help new employees learn the ropes. How do you learn those skills? How do you help others learn?

HSD offers ways to build your capacity to become a master learner and a generative doer.

Networks of Networks: Building Coalitions to Co-create a Future

September 6, 2018

You play in many networks of friends, colleagues, neighbors, community members, and political allies. People join forces to face shared challenges or to enjoy shared interests. You know coalitions are necessary, and you know they are hard to create and sustain. How can you build adaptive coalitions?

HSD helps you create momentum for change across each network you touch.

Quarterly Virtual Mini-Conference

September 20, 2018

The “Push Me-Pull You” World: Balance Innovation with Compliance

October 4, 2018

You are encouraged to innovate, yet you are held to high standards. You are asked to stretch the boundaries, but then get second-guessed when you do. Goals about innovation are often outweighed by the culture of the organization. On the one side, you invite risk; on the other you avoid it. How can you resolve this conundrum that creates dissonance at all scales of your life?

HSD helps you balance rules and expectations with innovation to create workplaces and communities of the future.

Don’t Fence Me In: Break Out When You Feel Hemmed In; Break in When You Feel Locked Out

November 1, 2018

There are areas of life where you feel hemmed in by boundaries: this neighborhood, this family, this community, this job. Life is shaped by the containers that define you—or did at one time. These containers provide safety, and yet, part of you wants to break free. How can you maintain the safety of the familiar, as you explore freedom of the unknown?

HSD offers practices for balancing freedom and safety so you can choose.

Incurable Curiosity: Pay Attention Today to Plan for a Future You Can’t Control

December 6, 2018

Tomorrow rushes toward you, sometimes faster than the speed of thought. You don’t know what to pay attention to. You don’t know what to ignore? How can you inoculate yourself against being overwhelmed by the rate of change?

HSD helps you catch your own “case” of Incurable Curiosity. Inquire deeply into the present so you can prepare for the future.

Quarterly Virtual Mini-Conference

December 20, 2018

Annual Live Virtual Holiday Celebration

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